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Pix is a heartwarming, non-violent tabletop RPG where you play as monsters that live in the land of Pix, a strange and gentle world that's part fantasy, part buggy video game. As you play, you'll find small problems in the everyday lives of monsters in Pix, and do what you can to help others.

The rules of the Pix RPG blend together elements of Golden Sky Stories and Powered by the Apocalypse, and center on helping and healing others. You make characters by combining a Type (the sort of creature your monster is) and a Job (what they do, or what their overall personality is like), and develop them further by filling in details and picking Powers and Weaknesses.

This is a beta of Pix. There are a few parts that I haven't finished yet (notably the final version will include scenarios, a replay, and more NPCs and items), but it's a fully playable game.

In order to play in person, you'll need some friends, some six-sided dice, paper and pencils, and 40-50 tokens to represent Love points.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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